Welcome to Elkom UK

Elkom UK is market leader in the field of vacuum – thermoforming machines with heating and cooling capabilities for the composite and Solid Surface industries. We also work for the woodworking and plastics industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, press manufacturers and provide facilities for professional sublimation printing on solid surface material.

Over the last 30 years Elkom UK have designed, evolved and manufactured market leading, heating, cooling platen systems, thermoforming and vacuum systems, individualised against customers specific requirements across many industrial sectors such as the aerospace, military, automotive, plastics and wood industries.

Elkom UK is an internationally focused, highly specialised, technologically leading, service oriented company. We aim to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

  • We have pioneered and developed the market for the thermoforming of Solid Surface and thermoplastic materials.
  • Vacuum Membrane pressing systems for Composites incorporating controlled  heating and cooling ramps plus vacuum pressure.
  • We are recognised worldwide and have extensive experience in the production of heating and cooling platen systems.

Elkom UK News

Multitherm Basic
Thermoforming Centre


The market leading, unique Multitherm Basic Thermoforming Centre for solid surface and thermoplastics combining pre-heating and thermoforming within one machine saving valuable floor space.

Mikutherm Optimal and Mikutherm Junior Pre – heating stations

Membrane vacuum machines in any size

Heating bars 600 – 4100mm, 64 × 46mm up to 200 deg C



Composite membrane vacuum presses with heating and cooling top platen.

Full SPS control for temperature ramps up and down, controlled vacuum pressure with sensors for gauging material temperatures

Heating, cooling and vacuum outlets underneath the membrane allows complex moulds to be individually controlled

Heating and Cooling
Platen Systems


Electric, water and thermal oil platen systems for temperatures up to 300 deg C.

Patented energy saving Okotherm platen system for water or oil heating and cooling

Heated Mould Carriers

Combined heating and cooling platens

Individually designed platen systems against your requirements